Bharif Global Links Limited is a Young, Vibrant company that has risen to the forefront of Sports Business, General Promotion and Marketing, Investment Promotion, Event Management and Planning, Consultancy and I.T. over the years with limited share capital.

"Great invention and success starts with simple ideas"

Executed Projects
Humanitarian Projects


Our Projects are part of our strength, we're committed to adopting new technologies, intensive learning of new techniques & skills develop them.


Unique services that will surely contribute to Socioeconomic Development in our locality or any other place(s) that we wish to extent our services. 

Sports Consulting, Events Planning & Management:

Our consulting team advises brand on how to use sports as a platform to realize their business goals by leveraging its experience and network of relationships, Bharif Global Links Limited consulting providers counsel on strategy development, negotiations, and activation to help clients achieve tangible result.

Sports Event Planning:
Our expertise team work on developing and planning world class sporting events for individual clients, corporate organization, and other brands that need to market their products and brands through sports and other leisure events.

Event Planning and Management:
Our expertise team work with clients, Government Agencies, Corporate Organizations to design, plan and manage intending event which meets their desire and standard. We design and plan unique and international standard events for our clients to standout.

General Promotion:

Our highly skilled team of expertise use their collective experiences and adaptation of modern Marketing Approach, Techniques, Technology and Tools to Market and or Promote Projects, Brands, Products & Services, Organization and Personalities to reach larger Audience, Expand Productivity, Gain Customer Engagement, Create Awareness & Grain Recognition not just within the locality we serve but to each and every Nation and cities we are tasked.


Annual Sport Competition:
Annual Sports Completions is a carefully designed sports and other competitions event that will be held Annually in any of the selected pilot state in Nigeria. It would be an Annual event across the (36) state including the FCT Abuja in the long run. It is also an organized and carefully planned sporting and other competition event aimed at boosting self-control, discipline, team spirit and patience among youth through sports engagement in line with the contemporary sports operation standard.

One of the major AIM of this event is to promote and upgrade the standard of sporting activities from grassroots to professional/international standard, with a view of utilizing the full potentials of populist and youth in particular, as a means of encouraging general fitness, minimizing un-employment and peace building respectively.

SirBis International Sport Federation:
SirBis is a newly introduced sport, originated from northern part of Nigeria and is been played mostly by the youth ranging from 10 – 30 years of age. SirBis International Sport federation is a governing body of SirBis that regulates all affairs, operations and rules of the SirBis game.

Bharif Global links Limited promotes this particular sport by designing a standard pitch for the game and also by coming up with a standard pitch for the game and also by coming up with a standard rules and rule book. All materials for playing this game have been developed and upgraded to meet the International Standard of sports operations.

Sports Business:

Bharif Sports Complex:
As part of our sports business interest we deem it necessary to provide ourselves with a standard and world class Sports Complex and Sports Academy, (This is an ongoing project). Bharif Sports Academy will hold both professional courses and athletic courses while the Bharif Sports Complex will be equipped with world class sporting facilities ranging from hard turf courts to soft turf fields. The complex will also be equipped with the first ever S Arena (Separate Building) and an Indoor Standard Hockey Arena. This project is at 2nd phase now.

Dabo League:
Dabo League is an International Standard Football League aimed to start at Northwestern states (Kano, Jigawa, Kaduna, Katsina, Sokoto, Kebbi & Zamfara state). Our aim for this is to promote the standard of football operations in the states, Nigeria and Africa at large. It is probably going to be a 1st Division League of 20 teams and 2nd Division League of 20 to 30 teams.

Dabo City Marathon:
As part of our aim to produce more athletes and sports person as well as to promote the general sporting activities, thus is also an event (first of it’s kind in Kano state) designed to promote and generate young athlete and also to generate more revenue to our business. Dabo city marathon is an international standard 10km Kano city marathon. It is going to be in partnership with the World Distance Running Association and International Association of Athletes Federation (IAAF) as well as all other international bodies that are engaged in this event. This event will feature international professional as well as young and fresh athletes in and around the state.  

SirBis League:
SirBis is a game played locally in the northern part of Nigeria. It served as a great alternative to football for a long time now. Bharif Global Links Limited organizes a league for this particular game where by a group stage of 32 teams will play among each other both home and away before promoting to round of 16 and so to quarter and semi-final and then to the finals. We do this by making sure we meet the standard sporting activities as well as unifying different social class and ethnicity in the country.                                              

Investment Promotion and consultation:

Our expertise team work with clients, Government Agencies, Corporate Organizations to design, plan and manage intending event which meets their desire and standard. We design and plan unique and international standard events for our clients to standout.

InvestorsWing is an Investment Promotion Platform designed to fully promote General Investment Opportunities, Incentives and Attractions in the 36 Nigerian states via a system designed called "SHEDPros" (Showcase, Explore, Design, Promote and Sell).

The Platform will focus on Exploring, Designing, Showcasing, Promoting, and Selling Projects, on four major Pillars of investment i.e. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Small & Medium Enterprises, Startups and surely Sustainable Development Projects so as to seek and attract investors to invest across the states in sectors like: Agribusiness, Banking & Finance, Education, Renewable & Sustainable Energy, Health Care, Sports, Infrastructure & Real Estate, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Mining, Tourism & Hospitality, Telecommunication, Trading & Logistics and finally Transportation.

InvestorsWing is a one stop investment shop where Investors, Entrepreneurs and startups, Global Leaders as well as stakeholders can explore various opportunities, Resources, and Projects that are ready for a potential investors to invest, incentives and thousands of startup projects that seek and looking for seed funding from venture capitals or serial entrepreneur.

InvestorsWing is a platform that showcases Business opportunities, Investment Opportunities & Attractions, Insights and Analysis on investment & Business atmosphere in Nigeria, Business Plans & Ideas, Reports on various aspects of investment from the four initiated pillars of investment i.e. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI's), Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's), Startups and surely Sustainable Development Projects.

RedV2030 is initiated by the platform as to go inline with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Project, whereby the platform aimed to bring 100 sustainable and or general investment project that will bring general economic development to the pilot region through the RedV2030 project and vision. 

The Platform will on it's own design business plans, concepts and develop ideas base on the resources and attractions available in each state and make it available online for investors across the world to explore and invest. the Platform will make available projects from the Federal and State governments, Private Organisations as well as individuals that are looking for investors available via a well designed, secured and user friendly system. 

The platform will offer Government & Government Agencies, Entrepreneurs, Startups and Venture Capitals a system to interact, network and explore Business plans, Business Proposals, Business Ideas and other Attractions for G2G, G2B, B2B. The Platform as well will partner with many international IPA's to promote, attend/participate and organize intellectual and fruitful investment Promotion events and gathering. 

InvestorsWing is an investment Project Tank

Annual Investment Meeting:
The Annual Investment Meeting is an initiative of the ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates and is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice president, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. The first edition of AIM was held in 2011 and over the years, it has evolved and is now considered as the world’s leading Emerging Markets FDI platform.

Bharif Global Links Limited is arranging and facilitating participants willing to partake in the editions of the Annual Investment Meeting. Federal Government, Ministries, State Governments, Private/Corporate Organizations, Individuals and Chamber of commences can all attend and benefit handsomely from the gathering. Over the years Bharif Global Links Limited has arrange the participation of Kano State Government in 2016 and in 2018 respectively.

I.T & Online Business:

The Information Technology section of the company takes charge of doing and introducing the use of cyberprenuership and taking opportunities with the aid of Information and Communications Technology.

General Supply:

We are fully engaged and committed to general supply of all kind of goods to clients ranging from, corporate organizations, Government Agencies, Ministries, NGO’s, schools, and individuals. We supply materials from all around the world base on our client’s choices.


When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too. We concentrate all our thoughts upon our works.


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. A dedicated team driven with passion & zeal. Talent wins game, but Teamwork wins Championships. 

Mr. Haris Abba Kabara

Mr. Haris Abba Kabara

Chief Executive Officer

A Promoter, Sports Passionist, Activist and Economic Development Advocate. In 2010, Mr. Haris started his journey by his passion towards making an impact in the Socioeconomic Development of his society and also by touching the lives of young people by providing a means of livelihood.

Mr. Haris has worked with many organizations and has received many awards and certificates both at National and international level. He attended many national and international conferences and seminars including the Annual Investment Meeting holding in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He holds a Bachelors Degree in International Studies, International Diploma in Computing, International Diploma in Sports Management, Diploma in Sports Business, Promotion and Marketing.


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